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About Oyak Group

Oyak Group

Founded on 1 March 1961 by Statute 205, OYAK (Ordu Yardımlaşma Kurumu / Armed Forces Pension Fund) is a corporate entity entirely to the provisions of private law and is financially and administratively autonomus.

OYAK was Turkey's first and is still its biggest privately–owned pension fund. From the standpoint of the products and services that it offers members OYAK acts not only as a life and health insurer but also as a credit union.

OYAK's basic objectives are to provide its members with the best possible service and the highest possible returns on their savings. To accomplish this, the fund puts its assets to work in portfolio investments and by acquiring stakes in companies.

Group companies are engaged in a wide range of activities that include iron&steel, cement, automotives, financial services, energy, insurance, logistics,food processing, construction and technology. They are the leading concerns in their respective sectors. The employment, total sales, exports and production generated by OYAK Group companies continue to make an increasingly greater contribution to the Turkish economy.

For more information : www.oyak.com.tr