Corporate Finance

With its long-term communication and strong customer approach, OYAK Securities Corporate Finance team provides services to companies in the following areas:

  • Understanding their strategic goals in the best way and evaluating business opportunities,
  • Determining and implementing strategic steps to maximize company value,
  • Public offerings, debt instrument issuance, mergers and acquisitions, and financial consultancy.

Company Mergers and Acquisitions

The experienced Corporate Finance team of OYAK Securities provides consultancy and brokerage services on mergers and acquisitions in order to help its customers to provide resources for growth and expansion and to increase their international competitiveness in the globalizing world.

When you are in need of a financial or strategic partner for your company or want to enter new markets by purchasing a company at home / abroad, our experienced team offers you financial consultancy services in all stages of partnership or sales negotiation transactions, such as identifying the target company, determining the company value, and coordination of the detailed examination process.

OYAK Securities has acted as a consultant in merger / acquisition transactions with a total value of more than $ 6.5 billion.

Configuring Debt / Stock

OYAK Securities Corporate Finance team analyzes the cash flows to be created by your company, allows you to determine the optimal balance sheet structure of your company, and provides consultancy services in your search for shareholders / creditors that will provide this structure.

Initial Public Offering

Initial Public Offering is one of the most strategic transactions in a company's life. In this important process, you can realize your initial public offerings by making the right decisions with the consultancy of OYAK Securities. Between the years of 2010 and 2011, OYAK Securities became the "leading" brokerage institution in its sector with 6 initial public offerings as the consortium leader.

With its corporate experience, competent staff and selective approach in initial public offering transactions, OYAK Securities is one of the most assertive teams in this field. The benefits of initial public offering include:

  • Providing new equity entry for the continuation of the development of companies,
  • Providing liquidity to existing shareholders,
  • Making progress towards institutionalization,
  • Raising the reputation and profile of the company,
  • Determining the share prices in a healthy way.

OYAK Securities provides qualified consultancy and brokerage services to its customers throughout the entire initial public offering process, starting from the preparation and application stages, including sales and post-initial public offering support.

Debt Instrument Issues

Private sector corporate bonds and financing bills are included as alternative funding instruments to bank loans. With its widespread sales network, customer potential, strong capital structure and research power; OYAK Securities is positioned as one of the most assertive institutions in local capital markets.

Our Experience in Financial Consulting

OYAK Securities Corporate Finance team has successfully provided financial consultancy services to its customers in a wide spectrum of sectors such as banking, leasing, private pension, retail, media, real estate, energy, iron and steel, cement, mining, food, chemicals, transportation, logistics, information technologies, paper, petrochemical, construction, fertilizers, sugar production, telecommunication, and petroleum refinery.